Advance Management In Construction Operations

Amico Construction was founded by Marcel LeBlanc in 1994, and as we’ve expanded over the past 25 years, our primary objectives have remained the same. To be a valuable partner to our clients, and to work with design partners to deliver the required project outcome on time and on budget.

Amico Construction is dedicated to identifying the potential construction challenges, developing solutions, and ensuring that the issues are addressed and communicated in a transparent way.

We work diligently with our clients and provide project schedules, budget management, and the implementation of strict safety guidelines.

Management in every construction project is different,
but our approach remains the same:

Define, Plan, Implement, Adapt and Complete.


We offer our clients a personalized construction experience based on trust, transparency, competence and accountability. As our business grows, this remains our fundamental goal.

We strive to deliver on this promise with every project.