Our team of dedicated professionals are looking forward to working with you to accomplish your concept!

As the leaders of this company, our mission is to deliver Peace of Mind to our clients. This goes for every aspect of the your project, whether it’s construction, budget, quality, or delivery. We carefully match the best team members to your needs and the task at hand. Furthermore, every project has a senior-level executive involved during every stage, ensuring that the project goes according to plan.


Marcel LeBlanc

  • Marcel always had a passion for construction since a young age. He started working in 1987 as a construction labourer and carpenter for summer jobs while attending high school and college.
  • He graduated from NBCC with a diploma in business and credited courses in construction estimating and project management.
  • Founded Amico Construction in 1994.
  • His specialty is in construction estimating and project management with 30+ years of experience.
  • In the early days Amico was hired as a 3rd party consultant between large national/international investors and contractors for projects in Halifax and Toronto.
  • Amico has worked on numerous large multi-residential, hotels, and commercial buildings over the years.
  • Amico will be celebrating it’s 25th year in business this year (December 1st, 2019).
Director of Operations

Joshua Lirette

  • Graduated in 2014 with a Bachelors of Science in Engineering (Mechanical) at the University of New Brunswick.
  • During his studies, he did a 12 months work term as an Estimator/Project Manager for a mechanical construction company. After graduating university, he was hired by the company as a project manager where he worked for 2 years. To further his knowledge as a project manager, he decided to relocate to Ottawa, ON where he worked for another mechanical construction company. He stayed in Ottawa for 2 years before accepting a position with Amico Construction and relocating back to his home town. During his 5 years of experience, Josh gained valuable construction experience in project management and estimating including HVAC, ventilation, plumbing, fire protection, electrical and controls.
  • Joined Amico Construction as a Project Manager in October 2017.
  • Promoted to Director of Operations in August 2019.
  • Appointed as Commissioner of Oaths in December 2019.
Senior Estimator

Rick Smith

  • Has 40+ years of experience in Project Management/Estimating for several construction companies over the years.
  • Joined Amico Construction in November 2018.
  • Rick brings a lot of value to the company based on his knowledge and experience.
Project Manager

Justin Allain

  • Graduated in 2012 at NBCC Moncton with a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology (Construction Management).
  • After graduating, he gained 4 years of experience as an estimator for a civil construction company. Justin gained valuable construction experience in estimating including site work, excavation, drainage systems, grades, etc.
  • Joined Amico Construction in January 2015 as a project coordinator.
  • Promoted to Project Manager in November 2018.
Project Manager

Evan Fitzsimmons

  • Graduated in 2018 at Dalhousie University with a Bachelors of Engineering (Mechanical).
  • During his studies, he did a 16 month work term as a project manager for a construction company.
  • After graduating, he was hired by the company as a project manager where he worked for 1 year. During his 2+ years of experience, Evan gained valuable construction experience in project management including civil, structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical.
  • Joined Amico Construction in June 2019.
Project Coordinator

Mathieu Bourque

  • Graduated in 2001 from CCNB Dieppe with a Diploma in Sales/Marketing.
  • Worked 10 years as a project manager/estimator for a construction restoration company.
  • Joined Amico Construction in June 2019.
Safety Coordinator

Susie Dowling

  • Susie has worked as a Daycare Teacher for 15 years.
  • Susie joined Amico in November 2018. She took multiple courses over the last year and gained the COR Certification with NBCSA and HSE. She also took courses with WorkSafe NB to further her knowledge.
  • Construction safety has always been a passion for Susie since one of her close family member got seriously injured on a job site. She then realised that it’s not only the injured worker that suffer from the injury but also the family members. Her main goal as a safety coordinator is to make sure the workers follow the Occupational Health & Safety Guidelines on site as she wants everyone to go home safe to their families every night.
Administrative Assistant

Ashley Gallant

  • Ashley graduated in 2012 with a Diplomat in Accounting and Payroll Administration Program at Eastern College.
  • She gathered 7 years of experience in bookkeeping/administrative tasks with 2 companies.
  • Joined Amico in May 2019.